Aspiring Engineers


Learn everything you need to know about Engineering!

Apiring Engineers


Our online Masterclass would answer these and more!

This special taster experience is for current high school seniors that are interested in exploring the field of engineering. The program is designed to acquaint all participants with the engineering profession:

  • Introduction to the various disciplines of engineering

  • The academic expectations of tertiary education

  • An update on career opportunities in engineering

  • Career prospects of the respective engineering fields and the exciting world of opportunities available in engineering


This masterclass is designed to not only motivate young people to major in engineering but also offer them clarity on what each field/branch of engineering really entails so as to provide them with the required information to make their career choices.

During the workshop, students are briefed on several disciplines of engineering.


This includes:

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Biochemical Engineering

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • Computer Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Materials Science & Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering


Our workshop is highly interactive and at the end of the session, an Industry Case Study would be studied where the participants are shown how the various engineering disciplines work together in real life situations.


At the end of the training, each participant would have a crystal clear understanding of the various disciplines and careers available within the engineering field. This would enable them to be better equipped to make an informed decision on what academic path to take at University level.

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During this Masterclass we would;


Demystify Engineering - tell you what it is and what it isn't


Explain the various areas of Engineering


Provide advice on the Academic Expectations, Skills required and Career Opportunities in Engineering

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