Presentation Skills BOOTCAMP

Go from Zero to Hero in 5 Days!

Image by Alex Litvin


Our online bootcamp would get you set to create give impactful presentations and even host webinars and online meetings.


Ideal for students, professionals, entrepreneurs and any one who wants a 'start to end' hands on assistance with giving presentations (online and physically)

This Bootcamp would stretch you and at the end you would be able to set up and deliver mind-blowing online presentations.


  • This is more than the regular 'off-the-shelf' Training

  • Daily practice sessions

  • Learnings can be applied to your unique business or personal needs


During this training, you would be coached through the entire process of: 

          - Using PowerPoint to create engaging slides

          - Making presentations 

          - Setting up Webinars

          - Giving stellar Presentations


To wrap up the bootcamp, you would be required to apply all that you have learned in the five days training. 

  • You would create presentation slides for your products/business from START to  FINISH

  • Set up your own Live Webinar

  • Make a Live Presentation 

At the end of the Bootcamp, you would be ready to host online classes and webinars to the public!


During this Bootcamp you would;


Learn how to make your slides 'fit for purpose'


Learn how to make  mind blowing presentations


Give a LIVE presentation and get a customised feedback

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